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San Marino per tutti

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San Marino 2000 scrl
Via Piana 103, 47890 San Marino
Tel. (+378) 0549 995031 o Fax. (+378) 0549 990573


Guided Tours

Discover the history of the oldest Republic of the world

Since summer 2014 Consorzio San Marino 2000 has also been also offering guided tours in San Marino’s Old Town, guided walks along trails of the Republic of San Marino and tour leader service.

The staff of the consortium is always available to provide any information, design offers to meet the specific needs of every client and enrich them with further activities and services.

Consorzio San Marino 2000 employs only guides duly authorized by the San Marino State Board of Tourism.

Our guides provide tours in the following languages:

  • Italian,
  • English,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
    • Russian

    If you are looking for a guided tour in a language which is not in the list please contact us.

    Consorzio San Marino 2000 – Tel. 0549 995031 – Fax 0549 990573


  • Guided tours fees (200,98 KB)