The project

San Marino per tutti

San Marino, hospitality without barriers

The project, created, edited and produced by Consorzio San Marino 2000 with the generous support of Ente Cassa di Faetano - fondazione Banca di San Marino and technical support of the web agency San Marino Fotonica, agency communication and advertising Studio AG e di Elledue - Assistenza Linguistica has the objective to open the Republic of San Marino to the "accessible tourism".
Consistent with the conformation of the territory and medieval origins, also due to the inclusion in the UNESCO Human Heritage 'UNESCO, it is believed that San Marino could and should be usable by people with disabilities, taking also into account the fact that even the ONU on the rights of persons with disabilities stipulates, among others, the "right to travel".
Today more and more reality are dedicating themselves to accessible tourism and its prospects for the future, including what is becoming an important sector of the tourist economy.
The project is divided into three stages which can be summarized in three actions: to identify, inform and implement.

The first phase of the project aims to identify what is currently already accessible in the area. It 'started with the mapping of the itineraries of the areas of tourist interest and will end with the creation of a handbook, a real tour guide for the person with special needs.

The routes developed combines the accessibility and usability for tourists with special needs excellence Tourism San Marino, starting from the identification of what is already available, in the hope of being able to count on the support of the institutions and entrepreneurs to expand the range also through the structural changes required.

In view of the fact that the degree of disability is highly subjective, the guide contains information and descriptions essential to allow each visitor with disabilities to self-assess the degree of access than reported in relation to your specific needs.
Are currently being studied accessibility is for guests who are blind and those relating to food allergies. Given the continuous updating of the offer in this direction it was decided to put the information into a dedicated website, available soon, itself accessible to the visually impaired, the blind and those who have not the use of hands.

During the second phase as well as implementing the media made you will begin to organize in a structured operator training. It will also work to make known to insiders the new potential of "San Marino: affordable destination" through participation in the organization of workshops and educational for operators who come to "touch" the destination and propose it to customers .

The third phase of the project will serve to create and strengthen an awareness and maturity that involve as many people as possible. For this reason we will focus on the implementation of the existing through continuous training, also addressed the students, and an advertising campaign.