San Marino per tutti


San Marino city centre
from Monday to Sathurday
8:00-13:00 14:30-19:30
Via Donna Felicissima, 21
San Marino Città
Tel. (+378) 0549 883858

Cailungo (Hospital)
24/24h - 7/7 day
Via Scialoja, 40
Borgo Maggiore
Tel. (+378) 0549 994222

Borgo Maggiore at 100m from cable car
from Monday to Sathurday
Via Oddone Scarito, 4
Borgo Maggiore
Tel. (+378) 0549 902107



The pharmacy in the old town centre of San Marino in via Donna Felicissima, 21.

The steps to the entrance go along the whole front of the shop with a 6% gradient. There are no handrails since the steps are due to the height difference of the street.

The hinged door is 75cm large and the counter is 95cm high.

Inside the pharmacy you can measure your blood pressure.

Open from 8:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 19:30 (no overnight service).

Only the pharmacy of the State Hospital is open around the clock seven days a week.

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