San Marino per tutti

The toilets in the historical center

The pay toilets at a cost of € 0.50.

AccessibleTypeGPS coordinates youHow to reach
Yes A paymentLat. 43.933062
Long. 12.448415
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Parking n° 2, Piazzale Giangi
Yes A paymentLat. 43.933037
Long. 12.44995
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P7, Cava degli Umbri
Yes A paymentLat. 43.937062
Long. 12.444897
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P8, via Piana
Yes Free,
Key to checkout
Lat. 43.934391
Long. 12.44524
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P9, entrance from Via Gino Giacomini
or Via Napoleone Bonaparte
Yes FreeLat. 43.940312
Long. 12.445946
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P11 at the funicular railway,
piazzale Campo della Fiera
Piazzale Campo della Fiera
Borgo Maggiore
Yes FreeLat. 43.935032
Long. 12.446592
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P1 Bus, Piazzale Calcigni
Yes A paymentLat. 43.931621
Long. 12.448657
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P2 Bus, Piazzale della Stazione
Yes A paymentLat. 43.935719
Long. 12.448258
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Route n.6, Via Salita alla Rocca
Yes A payment Route n.3, Liburni’s Garden
Yes A paymentLat. 43.935177
Long. 12.447643
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Route 5, Via Donna Felicissima
No A paymentLat. 43.934387
Long. 12.450223
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Passo delle Streghe
No Free Route 1 and 2,
Cable car station at Old Town
Contrada Omagnano
No FreeLat. 43.934953
Long. 12.446064
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Piazzale delle Nazioni Unite
Yes FreeLat. 43.936032
Long. 12.446702
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Route 2, 3 e 5.
in the museum of state
Yes FreeLat. 43.936674
Long. 12.445895
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Route 3
in the library of the State
Yes FreeLat. 43.934644
Long. 12.447579
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Route 3,
in the Titano Theatre