Titano Theatre and Altar to the Defenders of Liber

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Titano Theatre and Altar to the Defenders of Liberty

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Present since 1772, it has been used not only for performances but as a real hub of the institutional life, as it hosted the processions of the Captains Regent and public demonstrations. Restored several times over the years, the theatre was reopened on 3 September, 1941, on the occasion of the feast of the Republic, staging the "Gazza ladra” by Rossini. The last conservation works were carried out in the 80s. Inside the theater is interesting to observe the ceiling full of decorative elements that reproduce emblems of the history and life of San Marino. Quite important is the curtain dating back to the 19th century painted by Pietro Marino Tonnini, depicting scenes inspired by the Greek myth of Apollo. In the square opposite the theater is the work "Altar to the Defenders of Liberty" by Enrico Saroldi erected in 1939 to honor the patriots who opposed the invasion of cardinal Alberoni in 1739-40. On the back are engraved the words which the poet Carducci dedicated to the oath ceremony to the Pope

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